Development of Export Markets and Strengthening of Internationalization of the FTD LT Cluster

Application of New Technologies

Implementing cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency, automation, and innovation in the food sector, ensuring sustainable and advanced production processes.

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Better Access to International Markets

Facilitating entry into international markets by leveraging global networks, fostering collaborations, and enhancing the visibility and market presence of cluster members.

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Focus on New Export Markets

Targeting and penetrating new export markets to boost the production and export of high value-added digital products, increasing competitiveness and market share globally.

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Project Partners


Project “Development of Export Markets and Strengthening of Internationalization of the FTD LT Cluster”

The project “Development of Export Markets and Strengthening of Internationalization of the FTD LT Cluster” is an initiative by the FTD LT Cluster group EXPO FTD LT, formed by AB Astra LT and its partners – UAB Aksonas, UAB Aumega, UAB Nordic Stainless Steel Tanks LT, MB Išmanūs inžineriniai sprendimai, and UAB Termosnaigė & Co. Funded by the European Union’s Progress Facility for 2021-2027 and the Development Programme 2022-2030, the project aims to enhance the international competitiveness and export capabilities of the FTD LT Cluster.

Project Objectives

Driving Innovation, Expanding Horizons, Ensuring Excellence

The project includes strategies and actions aimed at increasing the international visibility of the FTD LT Cluster, strengthening its brand, improving cooperation between companies and effectively utilising the export potential of the cluster.
The successful implementation of the project will help to develop an effective strategy and measures to promote the involvement of exporting members of the FTD LT Cluster in international network chains and to strengthen their position in these chains.

1. Increase the horizontal and vertical integration of digitalization of technology in the food sector

To increase the horizontal and vertical integration of digital technologies in the food sector, we are heavily invested in research and experimental development (R&D) activities. These efforts focus on creating and applying innovative digital solutions tailored for food engineering. We actively participate in and prepare for international EU programs to bolster our infrastructure and capabilities. By integrating advanced digital technologies at various stages of food production and processing, we enhance efficiency, improve product quality, and ensure that our processes are state-of-the-art. Additionally, we provide our cluster members with expert consultancy services and information on new market opportunities to foster widespread adoption and seamless integration of these technologies.

2. Increase the production and export of high added value products for the food technologies sector

To boost the production and export of high added value products in the food technologies sector, we focus on the commercialization of cutting-edge digital products. This involves scaling up production capabilities, increasing sales, and strategically expanding into new export markets. We assist our members in implementing international quality standards and certification processes to meet global market demands. Through targeted marketing initiatives, participation in international exhibitions, and business missions, we raise the profile of our products and tap into new customer bases. Our comprehensive support services, including specialized training and professional development, ensure that our members have the skills and knowledge to drive production and export growth effectively.

3. Create the conditions necessary to increase the international competitiveness among cluster members

We are committed to creating conditions that enhance the international competitiveness of our cluster members by developing measures to elevate their qualifications and competencies. Through cooperation projects in engineering, technological, and commercial enterprise development, we foster a collaborative environment that drives innovation. We organize participation in international events, exhibitions, and business contact forums to boost our members’ visibility on the global stage. By providing expert services for innovation and technology areas, we support our members in adopting best practices and staying ahead of industry trends. Additionally, our lobbying efforts and cooperation with national and international organizations ensure that our members are well-positioned to compete in the global market.

Project Details

Implemented under the Progress Facility of the European Union Funds for the period 2021-2027 and the Development Programme 2022-2030, the project “Development of export markets and strengthening of internationalisation of the FTD LT cluster” aims to enhance the international competitiveness and growth of the export-oriented “Food Technologies Digitalization” cluster.

Operating in the Central and Western regions of Lithuania, the project seeks to strengthen the FTD LT cluster’s presence on the global stage by promoting internationalisation, increasing membership in international networks, enhancing visibility, and expanding both new and existing export markets. Through strategic actions aimed at brand strengthening, improved inter-enterprise cooperation, and effective utilization of export potential, the successful implementation of this project will develop robust strategies and measures to integrate FTD LT cluster members into international network chains, ultimately solidifying their positions within these networks. The project is financed by the European Union Fund, with a total value of 563,804.66 EUR, including EU funding of 316,419.23 EUR, and is scheduled to run from December 2023 to December 2025.

12/2023 – 12/2025

Project duration

563.804,66 EUR

Project value

316.419,23 EUR

EU funding

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